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Production on our "V-2 in America" DVD is complete, and shipments have begun! If you'd like to get a peek, take a look at the teaser trailer...

At rocket.aero, we're dedicated to making great films and DVDs highlighting the little known chapters in aerospace history. Working from materials unearthed from the National Archives, NASA, and military sources, the source films are professionally transferred into the digital domain.
In most cases, we're using film that hasn't been seen in years. In some cases, it's never been seen before by the public.

If you're a historian, a model builder, or an aerospace enthusiast, you'll find something exciting in each rocket.aero DVD.

Our latest release covers the post-World War II history of the V-2 ballistic missile in America. Previous releases have highlighted aerospace stories as varied as the Bell X-2 and Douglas D-558-2, the WWII ME-163 rocket interceptor, the US Navy's FJ Fury and Vigilante, and the USAF's F-107A and Bomarc surface-to-air missile. In the future, look for rocket.aero discs covering Project Navaho and lesser-known X-planes such as the X-3, X-4, X-5, and X-13 research aircraft.

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